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We want to be your resource for alternative and sustainability technology

page1_pic1Every couple of years a new technology comes along that changes everything.

Orange Mountain Energy sees the next wave of technology innovation that will not only change the way we look at energy, but make for a cleaner, safer planet in the process.

Alternative and Renewable energy technologies are the future.  We believe that as firmly as if we saw the first model-T driving down the road, or heard Mr. Watson being beckoned by Edison over the first telephone call.  Solar, Wind, Tidal and Geo-Thermal aren’t science fiction or only reserved for the R&D lab.  They are real businesses, with technologies that are ready for prime time.  Many of these manufactures simply struggle to find the right audience, with the right project at the right time.

That’s where we come in.  Orange Mountain Energy, wants to educate those businesses that are looking to implement sustainable initiatives, whether the goal is cost savings or simply to raise their profile as a good steward of the environment.  Our goal is to understand our client’s unique situation, and help develop a game plan on what technologies and manufactures will be able to execute on that vision.  We connect your team, to the experts and make sure that the projects exceeds your expectations.  We only work with the best technologies and vendors, as our reputation is a reflection of the company we keep.


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What We Offer


Allow us to evaluate your site and work with you on what technology solutions would best address your goals.

Vendor Evaluation

Are you in the process of putting together an RFP, but struggling to find enough qualified vendors that would be able to fulfill the project?  Allow our network and expertise to work for you.

Project Partnership

Are you an Architecture or Engineering firm looking for a more comprehensive balanced approach to your LEED design?  Is your client looking to you for answers, yet one off projects like this aren’t your forte?  We can help.  We can save you time and money, by doing the heavy lifting for you.